Is your company story getting you headlines?

The new marketing terms Content Marketing, Native Advertising, Brand Awareness, Consumer Messaging, all come down to one essential idea – write a concise story that captures the attention of your target market, makes them believe it, want it and respond directly to you.

In a world bombarded with messages, you have less than 15 seconds to get their attention and sell your services.
• Does your press release headline grab attention?
• Does your website look inviting?
• Is your company brochure telling your story?
• Is your newsletter eagerly anticipated or put aside for ‘later’?

To use language to its full potential, you need to add visual, auditory and kinaesthetic verbs and adverbs to meet the audience’s model of the world. The meaning of my communication is the response it gets. Change your language – change your response rate.


Gwen Watkins, head of Freelancers Writing Services, is a freelance writer, editor, subeditor and author with 35 years international experience in industrial and commercial writing. Her Master NLP Practitioner skills give expert grounding in brand communication and native advertising. She has lectured on advertising, marketing, conferences, events & exhibitions and journalism.