Public relations and media consultancy

Through a judicious use of editorial, website copy, networking and the media, clients’ messages are tailored to cover their required target markets. The consultancy advocates that clients should develop a communication strategy to advance their mission, as without an implementation plan, a mission remains just a mission.

The consultancy recognises that a communications strategy is more than just an envisioning process. It requires the setting of clear goals and objectives and the attainment of those goals and objectives during specified periods in order to reach the planned future state. Such targets must be realistic, objective and attainable. The consultancy works from the premise that planning and constant reviews are vital to a successful communication plan.

Gwen Watkins’ speciality is in corporate and management branding, press liaison and the writing of press releases, feature articles, website copy, newsletters, corporate profiles, brochures, annual reports or any other professional publication for government and corporate clients.
The consultancy has assisted emerging small companies with their marketing needs and has participated in several major mentorship programmes. Gwen’s article entitled ‘Promoting your company’ – a guide to writing press releases for SMMEs – is published on the SEDA website.

She piloted the ‘Parachute Programme’, an entry-level PR programme for small to medium businesses that defines their target market, assesses and writes corporate profile for web, brochure and proposal needs; visualises suitable media opportunities; offers writing and PR skills training; and then takes clients through two months of practice jumps before setting them free to do it themselves.